this is my story



This business was founded because of my love of traveling especially to the beautiful Caribbean, as I have traveled to over 15 Caribbean destinations. I am looking forward to taking a trip to the motherland Africa within the next year and then to Europe,

In addition to traveling abroad friends and I take several day trips throughout the year to spas, malls, museums, concerts, casinos, etc. There was a growing desire for the more mature and ambitious adults to enjoy day trips and short excursions  on a regular basis like concerts, casino trips, etc. without having the burden of driving, purchasing tickets, finding parking and other deterrents. The same client base are enjoying traveling as families, groups, and couples to destinations within and outside of the country.

After much thought, discussion, and collaboration I decided to start a tour and travel business that served this niche. The tours/trips are based on the needs of my clients and I am constantly updating services based on their needs. Cruises, resorts, and other traveling services will be included in the Spring.

I welcome your suggestions of places you would like to go then sit back, relax and  "Let Us Take You There".